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Ok…to all you wives who could not resist this page, I politely ask that you click the back arrow on the top left side of your screen to exit now! Since I know you won’t listen (because a woman’s curiosity cannot be deterred) I will give you two warnings if you continue reading this page:

1. You could spoil potential surprises that might come your way

2. You could become discontented should your husband not do any of these things.

3. You could accidentally think your husband is being an insincere copycat have been warned, read on at your own peril!

Guys, here’s the bottom line…if you treat your wife like fine china she will be more likely to respect, encourage, stand by you, and bless you sexually…however…if you treat your wife like a paper plate, she will most likely be disrespectful, cynical, nasty, will criticize you, oh and yes, you can forget the sex. 

So as husbands, we can either exhaust ourselves kicking against our wives trying to get them to do and be what we want them to do and be (which never works) or we can joyfully treat her like a queen (which almost always works). This page is dedicated to simple yet effective ways to win your wife’s heart by sweeping her off her feet!

The first two important things your wife needs to know is that she is the only one your heart, mind, and eyes desire, and that she can count on your love and support no matter what. So to help communicate this, go buy a half a dozen love cards and a pack of post-it notes. I will tell you what to do with them below!

Go buy a pack of Post-It Notes and write encouraging phrases on as many of them  as your fingers can handle. These phrases should communicate things like your love for her, compliments about her, and good memories with her, they should not include requests, anything about yourself, or anything sexual. Hide them all over the house (or in her car) in places that she will not see them outright but you know she will find them, it is ok if she does not find them all in the same day, sometimes it might even take her a week or more to eventually get them all!

Take your time selecting cards with messages that will be meaningful to her and will communicate the deeper feelings you have that you usually hold back from sharing with her. Add a personal hand written note in each of the cards and MAIL them to her on the same day each week.  After a few weeks she will begin to anticipate them, it will become the highlight of her week! If she doesn't get the mail tape them to her steering wheel, makeup mirror, or put them in her purse.

A word of caution, there are a few potential negative reactions you may receive from this. Your wife may be tempted to think you have ulterior motives behind this and she may put up an emotional wall to protect herself, or even worse, she may actually question or accuse you of manipulation. If you encounter either response it is absolutely critical that you DO NOT allow yourself to get angry or react harshly to her.  This is very tempting to do but will only validate her belief that you were not sincere. It may take time for your wife to trust the sincerity behind this activity and it may take even more time for you to see any tangible differences in her from this type of behavior.  Be sincere, and please, be patient!